Insights, Tips & Tricks for your Social Media

Customer service on social media is severely underrated. In Canada alone, over 22 million people are on social. Those people are YOUR people - your customers, or future customers, or potential customers... so where they are, you need to be!! And they are on social! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with them.

When it comes to Facebook, a lot of business owners wrongly think they should be just posting their product or service. This is completely wrong, and will hurt your reach.

IGTV Rolls Out


Instagram took the social world by storm yesterday with an event to launch a new app. They opened with the news that Instagram officially reached one billion monthly users!

Social media is the biggest shift in communication since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It's a major player in the world of marketing and customer service. It's simple: not only do you need to be social, you have to be active on social. One huge underrated secret of social media is consistency.

Social is a game changer. It's the biggest communication shift since the telephone was created over 100 years ago. In Brantford, around half the population is on it. Social is a dominant force, and because of it, your business needs a social media presence.

We are living in a review economy, and having good online reviews is essential to your social credibility. It is common knowledge that consumers are educating themselves before purchasing a product.